WEIDMANN's InsuLogix® H monitors World Cup stadium transformers

On June 1st and in advance of the World Cup, four critical transformers that service one of the main World Cup stadiums (Arena São Paulo) located in the Sao Paulo east area were outfitted with WEIDMANN InsuLogix® H on-line hydrogen detection system. The four devices will be continuously monitored by MGM who is a local electrical service company to be sure the critical transformers are running properly and to help prevent any electrical outage.


AES Electropaulo who is the local utility was approached by ANEEL (Brazil’s Electrical Agency) to present a mitigation plan to better guarantee electrical supply during the World Cup including the performance of the transformers servicing the main stadium. AES promptly solicited the support of MGM who in a partnership with WEIDMANN developed a plan utilizing WEIDMANN’s state of the art InsuLogix® H monitoring device to be installed and monitored continuously by MGM throughout the games.


Hydrogen gas is generated inside an operating transformer as a result of insulation breakdown caused by thermal degradation. The WEIDMANN InsuLogix® H is specifically designed to report both the concentration and rate of increase of hydrogen gas. Because hydrogen is generated from low to high temperatures, it is the ideal single gas to monitor as an early warning indicator of faults that could lead to outages and ultimately catastrophic failures.

Transformers are critical to uninterrupted supply of electricity and in the event of failure are not easily repaired or replaced. Recognizing this, AES with the help of MGM has proactively tested the InsuLogix® H on a critical substation in São Paulo. That experience only served to enhance their trust in the reliability of the device and the ability of MGM to continuously monitor the transformers.

The transformers involved are three units from COEMSA (40/60MVA 88/13kV) and one from Siemens/TUSA (40/60MVA 88/13kV). According to AES Electropaulo the WEIDMANN InsuLogix® H is performing very well as expected and this success can be replicated in other substation transformers that are classified as high risk.



ISO/IEC Accreditation

The following WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions locations have received their ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Please select the laboratory name listed below to view the Certificate and Scope.


- Calgary, AB

- Toronto, ON

- Montreal, QC

- Sacramento, CA

- Houston, TX

 - Indianapolis, IN

- Canton, OH

 - Philadelphia, PA

- Orlando, FL

- Waukesha, WI

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- Canton, MA



World Class Quality Management Systems demonstrating technical competency to perform your ASTM tests.


Laboratory accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to determine technical competence. WEIDMANN laboratories have been thoroughly evaluated by technical assessors for all factors in a laboratory that affect the production of test data. The criteria are based on the internationally accepted standards ISO/IEC 17025 which are used for evaluating laboratories throughout the world.

Laboratory accreditation bodies use this standard specifically to assess factors relevant to a laboratory s ability to produce precise, accurate test data. Laboratory accreditation provides formal recognition to competent laboratories, thus providing a ready means for customers to find reliable testing and calibration services able to meet their needs.

WEIDMANN Announces New InsuLogix© Hydrogen Monitor

WEIDMANN DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS is proud to introduce the new InsuLogix© H, a low-priced, stand-alone hydrogen sensing system for measuring hydrogen in the oil or in the Nitrogen blanket of power transformers. (In power transformers the Hydrogen gas is generated in a wide temperature range, making it an ideal indicator of thermal fault conditions.)

Manufactured for WEIDMANN by H2Scan, the InsuLogix© H incorporates patented solid-state micro-chip technology with no membrane, no moving parts, and no consumables.

The easy-to-install system is ideal for retro-fit applications. The monitor provides one year of data logging; the outputs are three solid state relays, serial communication ports, a 4-20mA analog signal, and a color changing LED. InsuLogix© H comes with a two-year warranty, and with a minimum 10-year life expectancy.



New Diagnostic Service Center - Canton, MA

We are pleased to announce that we have recently opened a new diagnostic service center in Canton, Massachusetts.



Dynamic Laboratory Test Report

As part of our continuing efforts to improve how we provide actionable information to help you manage the overall life-cycle of your critical electrical assets, we have recently completed an upgrade of our laboratory test report.



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