WEIDMANN Announces Hydrogen Sensing Monitor Supply Agreement With H2scan Corporation

Industry's First System to Measure Hydrogen in Direct Contact With Oil

WEIDMANN ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY INC., the global leader in transformer insulation products and services, announced that its subsidiary, WEIDMANN DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS INC., has completed a five-year supply agreement with H2scan Corporation, designer and manufacturer of the most accurate, tolerant, and affordable hydrogen leak detection and process gas monitoring solutions for industrial markets.



A new Network System Diagnostic Evaluation program is now available from WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions!

In the past most network systems were not evaluated with DGA because of the perceived analysis costs and the relatively affordable replacement costs. This protocol did not consider the liabilities associated with a network system failure that resulted in personal injury. Several utilities have experienced network system failures in densely populated metropolitan areas that have resulted in injuries to citizens. The resulting liability payments would have paid for decades of diagnostic testing that may have prevented these accidents. WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions has developed a Network System diagnostic evaluation program based on fluid analytical tests and interpretation. Our non-invasive program incorporates dissolved gas analysis and a select group of oil quality tests. This comprehensive series of tests, combined with our diagnostic software, enables us to evaluate the current condition of your transformer, switch, and termination compartment. Conditions are reported in three categories: Normal, Caution, and Warning.



New launch of Asset Info Manager, version 2.0 (AIM 2.0SM) enhances WEIDMANN Customer Portal

WEIDMANN DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS has completed beta testing and is proud to announce the launch of the latest version of our database management system, AIM 2.0SM, which provides secure online access to your test samples and diagnostic data. This new version of AIM 2.0SM is custom-tailored to provide powerful information and action planning assistance with your asset management and condition-based maintenance programs. With powerful new tools to quickly search for equipment and test results, AIM 2.0SM provides secure data warehousing and data analysis options that are easy to use and designed to improve efficiencies in your asset management program.

AIM 2.0SM provides...
 • Secure Online Access to your database         • Instant Notification of Test Results
 • Download, Save and Print reports                    • Export Data to Industry Recognized Formats
 • Condition Assessment Review and Alerts     • Diagnostics Online Ordering Forms
 • Relational Database Management with the SQL Wizard  

 • Sampling Interval Management                         • Online Support and Training 

More …


WEIDMANN Expands Laboratory Presence into Latin America

WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions maintains strategic plans to grow into all major regions of the globe. Relative to the Americas, WEIDMANN did not have a lab operation in Latin America.  In February 2009, WEIDMANN Diagnostic Solutions launched an initiative to design and build a full service laboratory in Mexico.


In May of 2010 WEIDMANN expanded laboratory presence into Latin America with the grand opening of a brand new facility in Saltillo, MX. The newly built laboratory will provide analytical fluid testing services to utilities, service companies and industrial customers throughout Mexico, Latin America and South America. State of the art equipment and design have been employed in the construction of the new facility to offer the latest diagnostic evaluation technology for these regions.


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